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Community radio group looks to put KUSF back on dial   November 26, 2013 – Press Release Hi! It’s been a long time since we caught up with you, and we here at Save KUSF have a lot of news to report about our fight to return community radio to the San Francisco airwaves. First, San Francisco Community Radio, our Federally-recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation has filed an application with the Federal Communications Commission for a low-power FM (LPFM) station in San Francisco. LPFM stations are small stations with transmitters of 100 watts or less, depending upon the local terrain. The FCC created LPFM “to create a class of radio stations designed to serve very localized communities or underrepresented groups within communities.” We’re very excited about the possibility of LPFM to bring the award-winning community radio broadcast at KUSF 90.3 FM for over 33 years back to San Francisco. We have heard from many of you over the past three years about how you miss our programming. A few things you need to know about LPFM. First, because the signal is by definition “low-power,” it’s not entirely clear how many people will be able to hear us if we secure a license. LPFM stations are not allowed to interfere with full-power stations nearby, but can suffer the effects of interference from the established stations. Our goal remains to be heard by all of the people who used to listen to KUSF 90.3 FM and as a result, our sister organization Friends of KUSF is continuing its legal fight at the FCC against the sale of the KUSF 90.3 FM license. See more below. Second, thousands of groups applied nationwide before the deadline on Nov. 14. Several applied in San Francisco, which has very little space for new stations. It’s not clear how many licenses the FCC may grant in San Francisco but it’s not likely to be many. Further, if multiple organizations that the FCC deems qualified apply for the same spot on the dial, they may be required to share the space. We want to be honest with you guys regarding the limitations of LPFM. However, we also believe LPFM is an exciting new era in public broadcasting in the United States and are truly excited about the possibilities. We’ll keep you posted as the news develops. The FCC is expected to rule on applications beginning early in 2014, although applications in areas with room on the dial are expected to be ruled on first. Donate to Friends of KUSF! It’s the holiday season once again and we’d like you to consider Friends of KUSF in your holiday plans. Specifically, we are still raising money for our legal fight, among other things. We have an appeal regarding the sale of the KUSF 90.3 FM broadcast license before the FCC and we do not know when the Commissioners will rule on it. Please consider making a donation at You can use your credit card through PayPal. If you like, you can also send us a check. Make it out to our fabulous fiscal sponsor, “Media Arts Center, San Diego,” and write, “Friends of KUSF,” in the memo line. Mail it to: Media Arts Center/Friends of KUSF P.O. Box 170697 San Francisco, CA 94117-0697 Donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law and all donations are used to return KUSF 90.3 FM to the airwaves. We’re looking to pay off the remaining bills from the last couple of months and saving up for the next round of legal work. Many people didn’t think we’d get this far. Thanks to you, we have. And with your continued support, we can win this! Short on cash? That’s OK. Every little bit helps. And you can even bundle donations from your friends and family. If you get 10 friends to donate $10 each, that’s $100 for the cause! Just have them make out checks as detailed above, put them in one envelope and send them in! For more information on bundling, contact our treasurer, Damin Esper, at Thanks again for all of your help! Save KUSF Music Pub Quiz at the Fishbowl Tonight’s the night of our monthly Save KUSF Music Pub Quiz at the Fishbowl Bar & Grill (1854 Divisadero, San Francisco. Teams compete for awesome prizes, including tickets to local shows, a guest DJ shift at KUSF-in-Exile, T-shirts, a grab bag of music and the world-famous Hipster Alcohol Package to the team with the best team name. Playing the quiz is free. We ask for a $10 donation at the door and in return, you get Happy Hour prices at the bar for the duration of the quiz. Bring out your friends and form a team. On top of that, you get to compete against a trash-talking team of KUSF-in-Exile DJs. It’s the most fun you can have saving your favorite radio station. The Happy Hour deal runs 7-10 p.m. with the quiz starting around 7:45. Get their early and claim a table for your team! —————————————————————————————————————————————-

WHAT HAPPENED? In a secret three-way deal with media conglomerate Entercom and the University of Southern California (USC), the University of San Francisco (USF) entered into a contract to sell the KUSF 90.3 FM license to the detriment of our local community. The sale was announced on Tuesday, January 18, 2011, when the station was abruptly shut down.

This action does not serve the public interest, and does not contribute to diversity and localism on the airwaves. We are fighting to stop the sale of KUSF 90.3 FM to USC.

For 34 years, KUSF San Francisco defined free-form local radio that reflected the city’s unique heart and soul. Famous for featuring diverse cultural programs as well as new underground music, KUSF was one of the first radio stations in the U.S. to play punk rock, and also served a dozen different language groups. An irreplaceable source for community news, information, music and culture, KUSF reflected San Francisco’s diversity, earning the moniker “Your Cultural Oasis.” You can help us fight this travesty by generously donating to Friends of KUSF, while our lawyers petition the FCC to block the sale. Help restore an essential voice of the San Francisco Bay Area to the air. Any amount will benefit. Please donate now. Thank you for your support!

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Help us save KUSF 90.3 FM – San Francisco’s Cultural Oasis

KUSF has been a learning laboratory for USF students and a thriving communications hub for San Francisco’s diverse cultural and ethnic communities for 34 years.
The station served as a free communications nexus for a wide variety of small businesses, civic groups, and arts organizations, and regularly featured independent film, authors, educators and musicians from the Bay Area and beyond.
Broadcasting programs in 13 languages, KUSF served local ethnic communities that had no other voice on the broadcast spectrum, including 90 minutes of Cantonese news programming every weeknight.

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