Want to volunteer to save KUSF? We want you to add your strength to ours.

Send an email at volunteer AT kxsf DOT fm, and let us know how you want to help. Be sure to include your name, email address and telephone number.

In particular we welcome volunteer support from administrative experts, fundraising professionals, music-PR people with good media lists, graphic designers, and benefit hosts.

Also needed: regular free or low-cost meeting space, food donations for volunteers.

Current Volunteer Staff (in alphabetical order)

Volunteers/Hosts/DJs Show Time
Abra Jeffers
Ahmet Toprak Turkish Cultural Programming Sat – 6p to 8p
Bill Ruck (our Chief Engineer)
Blue Lew, the The Blue Lew Show Mon – 3p to 6p
Carolyn Carolyn Tue – 12p to 3 p
Creep, the The Creepshow Thu – 3p to 6p
Damon Espy
Daniel Everett Folk Law Tue – 8p to 10p
David Bassin Freefall Tue – 8p to 10p
Dj Fari (Farinaz Agharabi) Francofun, Ad Lib, Don’t Fret Sat – 8a to 12p
Dj Meta Dj Meta
Dj Webbles Hangover Sessions Sun –   a to 11a
Fuad Tokad Turkish Cultural Programming Sat 6p to 8p
Gage Kenady Off the Hook Mon 12p to 3pm
Henry Wimmer Open Mind Music Wed – 12p to 3p
IMF, the (international MessyFlesh) The IMF Mon – 3p to 6p
Irwin Smirnof Sleeves on Heart Fri – 9am to 12p
Jim Levine Classical Cowboy Sat – 12p to 2p
Joe Corio The Barn Dance Tue – 11p to 12a
Monica Sullivan Shoestring radio Theater Fri – 9:30p to 10p
Monica Sullivan Movie Magazine Fri – 9p to 9:30p
Bishop Tom (Dr. Tom Polcari) The Bishop Tom show Sat 4p to 4:30p
Paul Ciminero Vicotin Popsicles Fri – 6a to 9a
Singing Bicycle The 360 Sound show / Whiskey Before Breakfast Sun – 8a to 10a
Steve Rubenstein Movie Magazine Fri – 9p to 9:30p
Stevil The Stevil Show Tue – 6a to 9a
Ted “Just Ted” Dively
The Owl
Toast Toast Thu – 10 p to Fri 1a

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