Album Review: CCR Headcleaner “Tear Down The Wall”

Oakland-based stoner thrash quartet CCR Headcleaner serves up a platter of convulsing psychedelic sludge with Tear Down The Wall, a 2016 release on In The Red Records.

This album was produced by Ty Segall, but make no mistake, this isn’t cute 60’s style boy-meets-girl harmonizing in falsetto voices, it’s head-banging music which seems to owe a small debt to the metal scene of the late 1980’s, sleeveless t-shirts, ripped jeans, white sneakers and all.

That being said, there’s an introspective side to this music as well. “I already took the brown acid”, laments the singer in one of the album’s moments of quiet desperation.

The centerpiece of the album is the track “Eat This Riff”, which moves between the twin poles of melody and harshness with a supple fluidity, admonishing the listener that even though there may be rats in the kitchen, we aren’t about to eat their sh*t.

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