Listen Up! ~ Latest Adds to the SFCR Library ~ July 20th 2015

Here’s a quick summary of what’s been added to our physical library in the past week folks! That you’ll soon be able to hear on KUSF in Exile’s SFCR @…

Last Snowman

Last Snowman

Gnom i Snegovik

(Cubby Control Records ~ 2015)

Shekky sez:  “Tracks were recorded separately by the musicians, then made into a collage. the people who made the tracks had not heard the parts recorded by the others until the project was finished. from st petersburg, russia.”


Virgo SuperclusterVIRGO Supercluster (Self Titled)

(Self Released ~ 2015)

Shekky sez:  “instrumental psych/metal/hard rock recorded at lightrail studios, the home of san francisco community radio.”

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