Thank you for your interest in our merchandise. The prices below are simply suggested donations. If you are interested in our merchandise, please come to our events and co-presents to support us and get a T-shirt or buttons or stickers. You can also contact us directly at merch(at)sfcommunityradio(dot)org .

Check out the new Dj Flying Japan’s T-shirt. He is one of our youngest DJs (10 years old).



T-shirt – Suggested Donation: $20


Stickers: Suggested donations: $2


Buttons – Suggested donation: $1.50


Here it is, San Francisco’s first compilation, SFCR’s Cracked Comp! Thanks to all the local musicians who donated to this compilation and who keep the spirit of independent Bay Area community radio alive! This compilation was made possible by the efforts of the San Francisco Community Radio (SFCR) crew. All proceeds will go towards SFCR.
How to get it: Donate $20 and we’ll ship it right out to you. After you make your donation through paypal (, you send us an email merch(at)sfcommunityradio(dot)org with your address and we’ll ship it right to your house! You can also GET the digital version of the album on our site for $15, or come see us at our benefits to get it there. Thank you for your support, we’re very happy to share this with you. Cheers, your friends from SFCR!



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